Where Is Marilyn Mosby Now? What Happened To Her?

Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s former top prosecutor was accused of perjury for lying about her financial conditions during the pandemic.

She falsely claimed the money from the city to buy a luxurious vacation house in Florida by lying about her financial hardships.

Marilyn was then sent for a four day trial in November for the two counts of perjury she was kept accountable for. What happened to Marilyn Mosby after that trial and where is she now? Let’s discover together.

What Happened To Marilyn Mosby?

Looking at the number of trials on Mosby, it was skeptical that she’s be getting sentenced for 40 years. Mosby have two daughters that stood out to be a strong point in favor of her case trial in the court.

After all the trail hearings for perjury and mortgage fraud accusations on Marilyn Mosby, the court has finally declared 3 years of supervised release to Mosby. Mosby’s sentence also includes 100 hours of community service and 12 months of home detention.

Where Is Marilyn Mosby Now?

Right now Mariyn Mosby is released on a three year supervised monitoring. During this supervised release she’ll have to serve 100 hours of community service and will face 12 months of home detention, means she’s not allowed to leave the country or go out.

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People in power often seem to misuse their position and authority. The fraud and perjury case of Marilyn Mosby, we can see a similar scenario.

After all the cases Marilyn Mosby was convicted of, she was dismissed from the post of Baltimore’s executor. She is currently on a 3 year supervised release.

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