Derek Lipp Net Worth 2024 – Age, Career, Assests!

Derek Lip is a well-known name in the digital entertainment industry. While people are delighted to see him on screen, very few know about Derek’s financial success.

Derek was born in Bedford, Michigan. At present he is 33 years old with a successful career through his various Vine accounts on different social media platforms like TikTok.

Since the beginning, Derek had a growing passion for entertainment that later turned into his career. Today his career contributes a lot to Derek Lipp Net Worth.

Derek Lipp Personal Life

Derek enjoys a blissful personal life. Derek is often in the news for donating to charities and doing community service.

Derek Lipp lives a luxurious life that includes traveling and shopping for expensive brands and high-end goods.

What Is Derek Lipp’s Career?

Derek is an entertainer. He is often seen posting comic content on platforms like Vine and TikTok. He gained major popularity after he joined the Sway House in 2017. He got to collaborate with many other social media stars on the show.

Soon after Derek’s unique brand of comedy earned him millions of followers. Derek’s hard work and dedication to art and music kept him going since childhood.

Derek Lipp Net Worth

The current net worth of Derek Lipp is $9 million. All this wealth is contributed by various comic content from platforms like Vine and TikTok.

He earns majorly through brand endorsements, investments, and business ventures.

Major Assets and Liabilities

Derek has invested in several business and real estate properties adding to his net worth:

Real Estate Investments: Derek owns luxurious real estate properties in New York and Los Angeles.

Vehicles: Derek also owns collection of luxurious cars like Lamborghini Aventador, and Tesla Model S.

Other Assets: Other than properties and cars, Derek also holds valuable items like artwork collection, and jewelry.


Derek is a loved named in the industry for his amazing content. This career has earned him so much over the years. His current net worth is $9 million. To know more about such successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, stay tuned!

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