Buster Murdaugh Net Worth | Where Is He Now?

Buster Murdaugh’s life has been a roller coaster. Many few know his actual background and are curious to know about Buster Murdaugh’s net Worth.

For those who do not know the real name of Buster Murdaugh is Richard Alexander Murdaugh. He’s the surviving son of Alex and Maggie Murdaugh. Buster’s father was accused of killing his wife and younger son.

Buster’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $2-$5 million. Let’s have a look at the family and career background of Buster Murdaugh.

Buster Murdaugh Net Worth

Buster Murdaugh’s estimated net worth is known to be somewhere between $2- $5 million. The major wealth is contributed through The Murdaugh family law firm where he used to work before the death of his mother and brother.

Where is Buster Murdaugh now?

As per resources, Buster Murdaugh lives in Hilton Head Island with his girlfriend, Brooklynn White. He runs a gardening business in Hilton Head Island. No other information is available about his whereabouts other than this.


At last, we learned what’s the current net worth of Buster Murdaugh which is approximately around $2-$5 million. This wealth is the outcome of Buster’s family business and his gardening business.

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