Is Parker Schnabel Married? Current Relationship Status!

Parker Schnabel has been in the news for quite some time now for his gold-mining adventures. Apart from his gold mining journey, people have a keen interest in his love life. If you are also wondering if Parker Schnabel is married then we have got you covered.

Parker Schnabel is just 25 years old and has already mined over $13 million worth of gold by now. All these adventures made him rise to popularity and people started digging more into his life.

This post is dedicated to exploring Parker Schnabel’s married life, and his career insights. Stick till the last for better understanding.

Is Parker Schnabel Married?

Parker Schnabel maintains an active social life. But he hasn’t disclosed anything about his love life yet. As far as Parker Schnabel’s marriage is concerned, then the answer is no. Parker Schnabel is not married yet.

In the past, Parker dated Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinarian. After some time the couple separated. After that Parker has not shared any information about his relationship or personal life.

Are Parker and Ashley Still Together?

Parker and Ashley met in 2016 in Australia when they started working together on the reality show Gold Rush. The two dated for two years and then parted ways. Although, the reason for their break up was not disclosed.

Parker and Ashley are not together as a couple, but they both share a good professional relationship, as they continued working on the show even after the breakup.

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What is Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth?

As per reports, Parker Schnabel has an estimated net worth of $12-$15 million as of 2024.


Many rumors kept spreading about Parker being romantically involved with his co-stars but nothing of that has ever been officially confirmed by Parker. This leaves fans speculating about Parker Schnabel’s love life even more. Hence, it’s clear that Parker prioritizes his professional work and loves to keep his personal life private.

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