Where Is Billy Flynn Now? What Happened To Him?

Bill Flynn was imprisoned for the Gregg Smart murder case in 1990. After serving 25 years in prison for the crime, Flynn was released in 2015. If you are wondering what happened to him after he got released, and where is Billy Flynn now, stick to this article till the end.

For those who do not know, there has been a movie based on the Gregg Smart murder case named “Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Smart Story”. The movie highlights everything that happened in real life.

Soon after Bill Flynn got out of jail, he managed a low profile and avoided any unnecessary media attention. Where is Billy Flynn now and how is his life lately, let’s find out below.

Where Is Billy Flynn Now?

William Billy Flynn moved to Maine after his parole and settled there. He married Kelly Flynn and lives in an upscale home on 3½ acres. The exact date of their marriage is unknown. According to New Hampshire Magazine, Kelly and Billy married while he was in jail.

Kelly met Billy 6 years before his parole. She often visited him in jail and they exchanged letters and phone calls developing a deep sense of care and connection with each other.

What Happened To William Billy Flynn? What Did He Do?

William Billy Flynn was a 16-year-old teenage boy who fell in love with his high school teacher Pamela Smart.

Pamela convinced her lover boy Billy to kill her husband so that they could live together. Billy along with his three friends carried out this murder plan.

Billy was sentenced to a lifetime for this act and his friends were also punished for their involvement in a second degree murder involvement.

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This story lived long ago but till today this holds impact in the society that how a 22 year old girl used a teenage boy to murder her husband and ruined everyone’s life.

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