What Happened To Queen Maeve?

The Boys Season 3 ending left us all wondering what happened to Queen Maeve. Is she dead or there’s an interesting twist in the plot of season 4?

The Boys Season 4 came out last week and since then three episodes have been out. The introduction to dynamic characters and a new storyline is phenomenal from the start. The only thing that bothers, is the absence of Dominique McElligott’s Queen Maeve.

Where is Queen Maeve that surely remains the new season’s highlight. There are also indications of Queen Maeve’s death. Let’s find out what happened to her and will she return in the series?

What Happened to Queen Maeve?

To understand where is Queen Maeve now, we need to go back to the season 3rd ending of The Boys. 

In Season 3 ending we saw Homelander and Queen Maeve getting into a tough fight. Queen Maeve even lost an eye in this quarrel after which she suddenly disappeared.

It’s likely that Queen Maeve faked her death as she intentionally stopped Soldier Boy from Killing The Boys. Queen Maeve made the whole scene look like she sacrificed herself. She went away with her girlfriend Elena and has been hiding since then.

The Boys helped Maeve to hide with her girlfriend. But they were not alone in knowing that Maeve survived.

Vought CEO Ashley Barrett accidentally saw the security recording and found out that Queen Maeve was alive. But he deleted those recordings in order to help Maeve escape.

All this clearly shows that Queen Maeve is hiding and waiting for the right time to come out and face all the danger even more strategically.

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Is Queen Maeve Alive? Where Is She Now?

Yes, Maeve is alive. She is hiding with her girlfriend from Vought’s radar and Homelander. Ij an interview with the TV Line, the writer and producer of The Boys, Eric Kripke revealed that Maeve will be making a comeback in the future. 

However, no exact timeframe for her return has been revealed yet. But we can expect Maeve to return anytime in Season 4 of The Boys in the coming episodes.


As of now, The Boys season 4 has 3 episodes running and all are doing quite well as the storyline gets even more intense and interesting.

We learned that Maeve is not dead and she faked her death in The Boys Season 3. Will Queen Maeve be returning in season 4 of The Boys, or we’ll watch her directly in the finale season? Do share your views.

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