Is Woodbridge Based On True Story?

A recently released short story on Kinema called Woodbridge has become very popular due to the influence of social media. Many people are questioning if it is based on a true story.

Woodbridge is a movie which is created by Stephen Meier, who is also the writer, producer, and director of the movie. He has used the power of social media to promote his film. Some of the young actors in the film are famous social media influencers.

The writer of the movie Stephen Meier said in an interview that the story of the movie is inspired by real events that took place in 1988. Read this article to learn more about this movie as we have provided all the information related to the movie.

Is Woodbridge Worth Watching?

Woodbridge might not be one of the best movies that you will ever watch but it is definitely worth watching. Stephen has explained in an interview about the hardships and difficulties he has faced to make this movie. He has managed everything himself in making the movie.

It is a very low-budget film and filmed in 10 nights. The actors in the movie are young social media influencers. Stephen wanted to prove that the story matters to make the movie successful not the high-end budget. He laid stress on giving newcomers a chance and suggested everyone should watch this movie once.

Is Woodbridge Based On A True Story?

Most people have faced bullying in their schools and colleges, which really affects the person mentally and emotionally. The movie Woodbridge focuses on this particular topic and recounts an incident that occurred in 1988 which changed the lives of the four kids.

Woodbridge is based on a true story of four boys who sneak out of the house at night and their lives changed that night. The whole movie takes place in one night and it is set in Southern California.

What Is The Movie Woodbridge All About?

The writer and creator of the movie Woodbridge said that the movie is inspired by incidents that happened to him when he was in school. The movie is about four boys who are almost the age of fourteen to fifteen years old.

They sneak out of their houses one night to attend the fresher’s party. At the party, they fought with other boys who used to bully them at school. The movie shows how far people can go to take revenge. It is a story of friendship, love, and loss of innocence.

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Woodbridge is a movie that everyone should watch at least once to support newcomer artists. It is based on true events and the makers of the movie have put in a lot of effort into creating the movie. As of now, it is only available to watch on Kinema.

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