Is Sing Street Based On A True Story?

John Carney, the writer and director of Sing Street was himself a member of a music band in school. It makes people wonder whether the film is based on the true story of his life or not.

Sing Street is a comedy, drama, and musical film that tells the story of a boy who formed a music band just to impress a girl. The film was directed, co-produced, and written by John Carney and received appreciation from the audience.

The 2016 musical film Sing Street is loosely inspired by the real life experiences of John Carney. In this article, we will try to find out the truth behind the movie Sing Street and its true inspiration.

Is Sing Street Based On A True Story?

Sing Street is loosely based on the true life experiences of the writer and director of the film John Carney. He was a part of a musical band in high school in Dublin. The initial idea of the film came from the 80’s music and the Carney’s band, the whole plot was created around it.

The characters in the film are fictional but they somewhat represent real life people including Carney himself, his friends, family, and people around him. The boy in the film had a tough life and then he started liking a girl and formed the band to impress her.

What Is The Plot Of The Movie Sing Street?

The plot of the movie Sing Street focuses on the life of Cornor when he was a teenager. Due to financial issues, Corner had to shift from an expensive school to a non-paying school called Synge Street CBS. He was bullied at school and punished by the principal for not wearing a proper uniform as he was unable to afford the shoes.

He life took a turn when he started liking a girl in school and decided to form a music band. He was joined by other band members. The girl he liked was featured in their music video and soon their band became very popular. At the end, Corner and Raphina run away to start a new journey in London.

Is Sing Street About A Real Band?

The music band in the film Sing Street does not represent any real bands and is entirely fictional. Conor, the main character of the film decided to form a band just to impress a girl. Many other boys from the school also joined his band.

As the band became popular and successful, Conor and his crush Raphina also developed a strong relationship. Despite being a fictional band in the movie, the songs sung by the band represent the different stages of the life of the protagonist. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sing Street Available On Netflix?

Unfortunately, Sing Street is unavailable on Netflix as of now, if you are planning to watch it right now you can watch it on Amazon Prime or Apple TV.

Is There A Sequel To Sing Street?

The director and writer of the film John Carney planned on making a sequel to Sing Street but he decided not to make it and leave the story as it is.


Sing Street is a perfect blend of fiction and reality, inspired by real-life experiences of John Carney. All the characters and the events in the film are fictional but are grounded in reality and considered as the semi-autobiography of the director.

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