Is Sympathy For The Devil True Story?

The unexpected plot and the ending of the movie Sympathy for the Devil after a tiring cliche story make the audience wonder whether it is based on a true story.

Sympathy For The Devil is a crime and psychological thriller film directed by Yuval Adler released in the year 2023. It starts as a story about a driver and passenger which takes a turn when it reaches the climax. 

Luke Paradise has written the story of the movie Sympathy for the Devil and it is a fictional story. In this article, we will discuss more about the plot and ending of the movie so stick here till the end.

What Is Sympathy For The Devil All About?

The movie is about David who is going to the hospital as his wife is about to deliver a baby. On his way to the hospital, an unknown man gets into his car with a gun. David was unaware of the true intentions of the passenger and he drove as the passenger said.

David tried several times to run away, he asked people for help and even jumped out of the car. Unfortunately, he could not escape, and then the passenger began telling him a story about a bookkeeper, his wife, and his daughter.

After completing the story, He said that the bookkeeper was him only and that James killed his wife and daughter. The passenger thinks that David is James and he has killed them. Later David confronted that he had killed them as ordered by Sullivan.

Is Sympathy For The Devil Based On A True Story?

Sympathy For The Devil is the right title for the movie as it demands sympathy for the person who is shown as the culprit. Luke Paradise has penned the story of the movie and it’s his original story not based on a true story.

The writer of the movie “Sympathy For The Devil” might have been inspired by real-life crimes and other psychological movies and stories. The unexpected plot and ending of the movie make it a true thriller film.

What Happened at The End Of The Movie Sympathy For The Devil?

The passenger tells his true story to David and asks him to confront that he is the real James. David reveals his true identity and tells him that he has killed his wife and his daughter was killed in the process, he did not kill her intentionally. He also told him that God had already punished him for that as he had lost his firstborn child.

David has killed the passenger and two police officers. He wipes his fingerprints from the gun and places it in the hands of the passenger. When more police officers came, he disguised himself as the victim. He then listens to a voicemail, his wife has delivered a baby girl and he smiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Was The Movie Sympathy For The Devil Released?

On July 28, 2023, the movie Sympathy for the Devil was released in theatres worldwide.

Is Sympathy For The Devil Available On Netflix?

Unfortunately, Sympathy for the Devil is not available on Netflix but you can watch the movie on other platforms like Amazon Prime Video.


In conclusion, Sympathy For The Devil is not based on a true story. It is a psychological film that has an ending that supports the real culprit or devil. The passenger being a victim lost his life and David who has killed several people becomes the hero.

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