What Happened to Matt Sturniolo? The Poison Prank!

You must have heard that rumours spread faster than light. Well, Matt Sturniolo’s death rumours is a live proof of this saying.

Relax guys, he’s alive! If you also got convinced that Matt Sturniolo is dead and one of his triplet brothers killed him, then Bingo! You fell prey to their prank.

What happened to Matt Sturniolo is really disturbing. Social media platforms are meant to spread positivity, but how the Sturniolo Triplet brothers tricked their audience on TikTok prank video was really bad.

What Happened to Matt Sturniolo?

Some time back, a famous brothers trio (Nick, Matt, and Chris) called as Sturniolo Triplet brothers uploaded a prank video on TikTok, where Nick poisoned Matt’s food. As Matt eats that food, he dies and Nick is imprisoned for this crime.

If only all this were true! Well, this video was just a prank just like any other social media pranks we often see online. Now as the news of Matthew’s Third Death Anniversary spreads on TikTok, everyone’s wondering how much of this is true. 

Is Matt Sturniolo Dead?

Matthew Sturniolo is not dead and is still active on social media platforms. Matt Sturniolo’s death was a fake publicity stunt. Even if you look at the title of the video that showed Matthew’s death, it states, “Poison Prank.”

This clearly indicates that Matt and his brothers are still alive and living their lives. Matt along with his triplets manage their popular TikTok account “Sturniolo Triplets”, which is their major income source.

Apart from a TikTok account, Sturniolo Triplets also have a YouTube Channel with over 6.5 Million subscribers.

More About Sturniolo Triplets

Sturniolo Triplets are identical triplets consisting of the oldest to the youngest. They usually post fun conversational videos sitting in their car, prank videos, and daily life vlogs.

The eldest one in their group is Nicolas Antonio Sturniolo ( Nic Sturniolo), the middle one, Matthew Bernard Sturniolo (Matt Sturniolo), and the youngest, Christopher Owen Sturniolo (Chris Sturniolo) who is just 20 years old right now. Other than these three, they also have an elder brother named Justin.

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How Old Is Matthew Sturniolo Now?

Matt is 21 years old. He was born on August 1, 2003.

Who is the Oldest among the Sturniolo brothers?

Justin Sturniolo is the oldest of all brothers. ​​November 13, 1996

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