What Are Gorompeds in Spaceman? Discover the Parasitic Threat in Spaceman!

Science fictional movies really hook your soul to the storylines. A similar American science fiction “Spaceman” came up with a hooking story of an astronaut stuck in barren land for months. There he encounters a spider-like creature called the Gorompeds.

If you are also curious to know What Are Gorompeds in Spaceman and what these Gorompeds did to Jakub, then stick to the article till the end.

What Are Gorompeds – The Origin and Nature of the Gorompeds

The Spaceman movie is inspired by a novel by the name “Spaceman of Bohemia”. In the novel, the Gorompeds are described as “ovum parasites.”

Jakub discovers a spider-like creature on his mission beyond Jupiter on his spaceship. He named this creature, Hanus and shared a special bond with it.

Hanus had special telepathic abilities which he used to understand humans, especially Jakub. Hanus could sense the danger and detect the nuance created by Gomopeds.

In the movie, we saw that Gomopeds which look like scary spiders are destructive creative. They feed on the embryos of the Hanus Tribe.

Hanus tried to escape from this parasitical swarm and traveled across galaxies but the Gorompeds followed him.

Hanus then escapes his home planet and reaches the orbit of Earth. The world felt so empty as Hanus was all alone in the Milky Way. Hanus succeeded in escaping Gorompeds, but he knew sooner or later the Gorompeds would find him there as well.

Gorompeds: Agents of Destruction – The Gorompeds’ Impact on Jakub

Hanus’s fear was true. The Gorompeds had taken over Hanus. The Gorompeds found a way to enter his body. Hanus leaves the spaceship in order to protect Jakub from the attack but Jakub also gets impacted by the Gorompeds in the end.

Near the end of the movie, we could see how Hanus was shivering as his body was fully attacked by the Gorompeds.

Jakub recounts that Hanus was dead with his lips dark. Only after Hanus floated away, did Jakub realize that some of the Gorompeds leaked from Hanus’s body and had reached inside Jakub’s suit and were voting his flesh.

At last, Jakub was reduced by another spaceship, but he still feared that the Gorompoeds might be breeding inside him and would consume him just like they did with Hanus.

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As we could see the Gorompeds were more than just parasitic creatures. The Hanus’s and Jakub’s encounters with these deadly beasts made the story a gripping tale. The story is a survival tale of living beings against the parasitical odds. It would be interesting to know whether the Gorompeds are still alive, as Jakub could still these creatures breeding inside him.

Are you waiting for Spaceman Part 2?

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