Where Is AJ Hutto Now? Who killed AJ Hutto’s Sister?

Most people who have watched the documenty of the murder case of Adrianna Hutto are wondering what happened to AJ Hutto and where he is now.

The documentary based on the murder case of Adrianna Hutto narrates the true story of a young girl whom her mother killed. At first, everyone believed it to be an accident, but later, his brother AJ Hutto revealed the truth.

There is not much information available about AJ Hutto online because his adoptive parents maintained their privacy. In this article, we will provide you with the information that might be helpful for you.

Who Is AJ Hutto?

If you have watched any of the documentaries and videos about the murder case of Adrianna Hutto, you already know her little brother AJ Hutto. He was the youngest witness in the courtroom, a 6-year-old boy who witnessed the murder of her sister.

AJ Hutto is Ardianna’s half-brother and like Ardianna he was also the victim of child abuse by their own mother. He used to share a very special bond with her sister and loved her a lot. He stood for her after her death. He successfully managed to punish her mother for what she did.

What Happened To AJ Hutto’s Sister?

AJ Hutto’s sister Ardianna Hutto was found drowning in a swimming pool and later she was taken to hospital. Unfortunately, she did not survive and died at the hospital. Her mother Amanda told the Police that she accidentally fell into the pool and everyone believed it.

AJ Hutto has witnessed the whole scenario where Amanda ducked her little daughter into the pool because she might have done something that had upset the mother. AJ told her grandparents about the murder and said mom killed her. Ardianna was a victim of child abuse and her mother mistreated both the kids.

Where Is AJ Hutto Now?

In 2007, Adrianna Hutto died due to drowning and her mother was found guilty of the charge of the murder. The truth was revealed by Ardianna’s half-brother AJ Hutto, who was 6 years old at that time and witnessed the whole situation.

After her mother was sentenced to prison for a lifetime without Parole for the murder and child abuse. AJ Hutto was adopted by a couple who kept their identity private and also maintained the privacy of AJ Hutto till now. That’s why there is no information available about the whereabouts of AJ Hutto.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is AJ Hutto Now?

In 2007, when AJ Hutto’s sister died he was only 6 years old so presently at the time of writing he would be 22 years old.

Who killed AJ Hutto’s Sister?

AJ Hutto’s Sister was killed by their own mother Amanda Lewis.


In this article, we have discussed the story of a 6-year-old boy who witnessed her sister’s murder by her own mother. After his mother was convicted, he was adopted by another family who maintained their privacy till now.

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