Is Instant Family Based On A True Story?

Family drama movies are often fun to watch. Instant Family is a similar movie with light-hearted family drama and comedy. The movie looks quite relatable and hence everyone is curious to find out whether or not Instant Family is based on a true story.

The movie revolves around a couple named Pete and Ellie Wagner, who wish to grow their family and hence adopt three siblings. But it isn’t simple, in fact, they face a lot of hurdles in their way of living a happy family life.

What happens in the movie is quite fun to watch. But is Instant Family based on a true story? Let’s find that out below.

Is Instant Family Based On A True Story?

Yes, Instant Family is closely inspired by a true story. Some of the scenes and incidents in the movie are inspired by Sean Anders’s real-life incident regarding their adoption journey. Sean and his wife Beth, were planning to adopt a child to foster their family, but fate had something else planned for them and they ended up adopting three siblings.

Apart from this, the movie highlights the difficulties in parenting. Although, the rest of the movie is fictional and adds a fun element to the storyline.

Is Pete Wagner a Real Person in Instant Family?

No, Peter Wagner is not a real person. He’s a fictional character inspired by the real-life character of Sean Anders in the movie, Instant Family. They both had to go through a similar parenting experience, which attracted a lot of attention from the audience.

Is Ellie Wagner a Real Person in Instant Family?

No, Ellie Wagner is not a real person. Just like Pete Wagner, Ellie Wagner also played the real-life character of Sean’s wife Beth Anders. Ellie’s character truly justifies the struggles of a new mother. With time Ellie learned and evolved a lot as a mother in the movie.

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All and all we can say that the movie was quite interesting with lots of comic scenes and a heartwarming storyline. Instant Family highlights the struggles that come with adoption, the new experiences as parents, and a lot more.

The couple in the movie adopted grown-up siblings breaking all the stereotypes that only newborn babies can be adopted. This thing adds an interesting hook to the movie. Do tell us how you liked the movie in the comments below.

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