V Stiviano: Where Is She Now? The Scandal Aftermath!

You must be well aware of the controversy that revolves around the LA Clippers basketball team’s owner. But what about his assistant, V. Stiviano? Where is she now?

Clipped is a TV show inspired by a real-life incident where making racist comments got a basketball team owner into trouble. But what’s even worse to see how his assistant was made to disappear after she leaked the recordings of his racist comments.

If we take a look at real life, then Donald Sterling sold his team after being banned from the NBA. But what happened to V Stivaiano and where is she now is not known so far.

Where is V Stiviano Now? What Was the Relationship With Donald Sterling?

V Stiviano was last seen in 2018  at an interview with TMZ. In that interview, Stiviano said “No one has the right to speech now. No one can say what they are feeling, if they do so, they’ll lose their job. And everyone’s a racist.”

This interview hinted at the outcome of the clash between Donald Sterling’s wife, Rochelle Stein, and V Stiviano.

Stiviano vanished from the media and public attention after that. Nothing is known about her ever since then. Now all this is due to the pressure the Sterlings put on her or any other agenda, we don’t know until anything official comes out.

Vanessa Stiviano last posted on Instagram on 2nd July 2015. After that her account became inactive.

What Happened To V Stiviano? Why did Donald Sterling’s Wife Sue Stiviano?

V Stivaiano was the assistant of Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers basketball team. Donald Sterling made some racist comments against the Basketball federation. V Stiviano somehow recorded his conversations and leaked them. This scandal that came out in 2014 led to Donald Sterling’s ban from the NBA.

After this incident, V Stiviano faced a lot of problems. Donald Sterling’s wife Rochelle Stein sued V Stiviano in the lawsuit and Stiviano was forced to pay a hefty amount of $2.6 million worth of properties to the Sterlings.

This included a duplex in Los Angeles and luxury cars. Although, Stiviano came up with a defense that she had nothing to do with Sterling’s property, but Shelly’s lawsuit was foolproof.

V Stiviano was even declared Donald Sterling’s sneaky mistress by Donald’s wife in the courtroom. 

Clipped TV Show Based On Real Life Story

Clipped a TV Show with a hooking story of the basketball team and the chaos within the organization is based on the real-life story of the V Stiviano and Donald Sterlings scandal.

The storyline does include some fictional plots to engage the audience, but a lot of plot scenes are real-life inspirations. Like Donald Sterling’s favoritism and harassment, his wife’s role in suing V Stiviano, her vanishing, and a lot more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Donald Sterling now?

Donald Sterling after the scandal in 2014, filed a lawsuit against the NBA in November 2016. He’s also seen active in Los Angeles real estate.

Is Clipped based on a true story?

Yes, the FX’s Clipped is based on a true story. It’s the story of Los Angeles basketball team Clippers and its owner Donald Sterling’s racism scandal in 2014.

What is V. Stiviano’s real name?

María Vanessa Perez is the real name of V Stiviano.


All and all we can say that Clipped is a juicy sports docudrama that takes us back to the 2014, racist remark scandal surrounding NBA’s owner Donald Sterling and his assistant Stiviano.

Not much is known about Stviano’s whereabouts. The last she was seen in public was at the TMZ interview. 

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