What Happened to Ethan in Emmerdale?

Ethan’s death came as a shock for all the viewers, as he was one of the main characters in the drama series. Well, what happened to Ethan in Emmerdale still remains a mystery.

Emmerdale is a popular British Television show. A recent episode of the series left us all in shock when Ethan collapsed to the ground and was declared dead after some time.

In the 10,000th episode of Emmerdale, we saw Nicky was in a coma and his mother thought of seeking revenge on Ethan. What happened to Ethan in Emmerdale after that, let’s understand in a sequence.

What Happened to Ethan in Emmerdale?

Long story short, in the 10,000th episode of Emmerdale we saw Ethan and Nicky were drunk and going to meet Suni, Nicky’s boyfriend. 

Since Nicky was very drunk, Ethan drove the car. On their way, their car was badly hit. Before they could do anything, the police were right in front of their crashed car.

Ethan recently applied for a job and in the fear of not losing a job due to his drink and drive case, he ran away, leaving Nicky in the driving seat all alone.

After the accident, Nicky was in a coma while his mother was all ragged up for revenge from Ethan. So one fine day, Ruby Miligan, Nicky’s mother hut and run Ethan and left him dying on the road.

Ethan survived the accident and was getting ready for the court trial that Ethan was charged with due to bad driving and leaving the scene of the accident (Nicky’s car crash scene).

Suddenly, Ethan collapsed on the ground was rushed to the hospital, and was declared dead after some time.

Who Killed Ethan Anderson?

Until now we all are well aware of who’s behind Ethan’s death. But the real death cause hasn’t been revealed on Emmerdale yet.

This clearly means there’s going to be a lot of twists and turns before the real truth finds its way out.

In the last episode, we saw how Ruby felt guilty for what she did. Ruby decides to tell Charles (Ethan’s dad) everything about what happened and hand herself over to the police for hit and run in Ethan’s case.

But as she reaches to Charles she finds that the coroner has already come up with the cause of death for Ethan.

Now what will happen? Will the real convict come out? Will the truth come out or another twist will take over? Something very interesting will be happening soon. So stay tuned for all the fun and spice!

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