Who Killed Lisa Norrell? How Did She Die?

Many questions remain in the minds of listeners regarding the murder mystery of Lisa Norrell, as covered in the Crime Junkie podcast such as who killed her and how she died.

Lisa Norrell was a 15 years old young girl from Pittsburg California who was murdered and did not get justice. After her death, several similar cases came out which made police believe them all to be committed by a serial killer.

The person who killed Lisa Norrell and other women with such brutality got away from the police.  Make sure to read this article throughout if you’re curious about discovering further details of Lisa Norrell’s mysterious murder story.

What Happened To Lisa Norrell?

On 6 November 1998, Lisa Norrell went to Antitoch for a dance practice rehearsal for her friend’s 15th birthday. She was upset as someone made fun of her dance and left the place in anger to return home on her own.

As she did not come back home till 3 AM, her mother Minnie Norrell went to the police. The FBI was also involved and they did everything they could to find the young girl. Sadly, Lisa’s body was discovered near the Antioch-Pitsburg highway about a week later.

Who Killed Lisa Norrell?

Following Lisa Norrell’s death in 1999, several identical crimes including the kidnapping and killing of women unfolded in Pittsburg, California. It was speculated to be the work of a serial killer but the police could not track him down.

The police arrested two men Garry Lee Walton and David Michael Heneby who had vast criminal records as they were the only suspects. Unfortunately, due to a lack of evidence against them, they were soon released and the case remains a mystery.

How Did Lisa Norrell Die?

When Lisa Norrell did not return home from her friend’s house, Lisa’s family filed a missing complaint. The police began investigating but could not find her. Almost a week later the police found her body near the highway.

According to the post-mortem report, the cause of Lisa Norrell’s death was asphyxiation. She died at the same location where police found her body along with her formal dress and shoes. The killer had brutally strangled Lisa to death.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Listen To The Crime Junkie Podcast about Lisa Norrell?

The true-crime podcast of Lisa Norrell is available on many platforms like Crime Junkie Podcast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, YouTube, etc.

Is Lisa Norrell’s Murder Case Solved?

After more than 2 decades, Lisa Norrell’s murder case is still unsolved and a cold case since there is little evidence and no eyewitness testimony.


We hope this guide has helped you understand the murder case of Lisa Norrell better. Sadly, not all cases end in a resolution therefore not all people receive justice. After more than 20 years, Detective Jacob Stage still hopes to solve this cold case.

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