Where Is Mark Putnam Today | Who Is Susan Smith’s Killer?

The 2019 film “Above Suspicion” narrates the true story of a FBI agent Mark Putnam who was convicted for killing his lover. If you’re curious to know where he is today, then this is the right place for you.

Mark Putnam is a former FBI agent who was born on 4th of July, 1959. He studied criminology at University of Tampa. He was married to Kathy and has two kids.

After 10 years in prison, Mark Putnam was released in 2000 and is living freely today. In this article we are going to unravel the truth behind the murder mystery of Susan Smith and where her killer is now.

Who Was Susan Smith? Who Killer Her?

Susan Smith was born in a very poor family and had nine siblings. Due to the financial conditions of the family, she had dropped out from school. She got into a relationship with a man who was 7 years older than her and married her when she was only 15.

Their marriage did not last long due to regular disputes and conflicts between the couple. They got divorced and agreed to share custody of their kids. Later, she met Mark Putnam and became an FBI informant. She got pregnant with him which led to her unfortunate death.

What Did Mark Putnam Do?

While investigating a case, Mark Putnam went to Kentucky. There he asked Susan Smith to provide him some information regarding a case. They became close to each other  and developed physical relations.

Susan told Mark that she is pregnant with his child but he told her that he and his wife Kathy will adopt the baby. However, Susan did not agree with him and forced him to marry her and take responsibility for the baby. In between the argument he killed her out of rage and ran away.

Where Is Mark Putnam Now?

Mark Putnam was proved guilty for the charge of murder of Susan Smith. He was given a 16 year sentence in prison. However he was released early as he showed signs of good behaviour and regretted what he had done.

After his release in 2000, he did not live with his family rather moved to a new place and remarried. There are speculations that now he is living in Georgia with his new wife and kids. He maintained a low life after coming out and the identity of his new family is kept private.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Happened To Mark Putnam’s Family?

Mark’s wife Kathy died due to excessive consumption of alcohol which caused her organ failures, his kids then began living with their grandparents.

Is Mark Putnam Married Now?

After being released early from the jail, Mark Putnam got married and is living a happy life with her while her identity is kept private.


Mark Putnam is the first FBI agent to be involved in a murder. It is unacceptable for someone who is supposed to solve criminal cases to commit crimes like these. Despite being convicted of an awful act, he lives freely today.

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