Where Is Jennifer Pan Brother Now? What Happened To Felix Pan?

In the Netflix Documentary “What Jennifer Did” Jennifer’s brother Felix is missing and people are questioning where he is now and what happened to him.

“What Jennifer Did” is a Netflix documentary that tells the true story of a girl, Jennifer Pan, and how she and her boyfriend plotted to kill her parents through contract killing. It narrates the whole investigation story of how the police found that it was a murder, not a random invasion.

When the three men invaded Pan’s house, Felix was not there and that is how he survived the attack. In this article, we will talk about Jennifer’s brother Felix Pan, his whereabouts, and what happened to him.

Who Is Felix Pan?

Felix Pan is Jennifer’s younger brother and like her sister, Felix has also faced strict parenting. Their parents have high expectations from their both children. But Felix never hated his parents the way Jennifer did to the point that she attempted to kill them.

Jennifer used to lie about her school grades because she was scared of her parents and was very bad at studies. Felix was aware of the lies she used to tell the parents and she would spend most of the time with her boyfriend.

Where Is Jennifer Pan’s Brother Now?

In the news and articles, there were references to Jennifer’s brother but he is not featured in the Netflix documentary, What Jennifer Did. The viewers of the documentary are curious to know about his absence in the documentary and where he is now.

Jennifer’s brother Felix Pan refuses to be featured in the Netflix documentary as he does not want to be associated with the case and her sister anymore. Felix escaped the whole situation and moved East Coast to start a new life. He now wishes to forget about the traumatic past and to live a private and happy life.

What Happened to Felix Pan?

The Netflix Documentary “What Jennifer Did” has drawn attention to the murder case where Jennifer and her boyfriend Wong attempted to kill Jennifer’s parents. While they succeeded in killing her mother, her father escaped the attack and survived.

Jennifer’s father Huei Hann was not the only survivor but Jennifer’s brother Felix Pan also survived as he was not home at the time of the attack. After they learned that Jennifer was the culprit and was sent to jail, they submitted a request to ban her from contacting any one of the family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Jennifer’s Boyfriend Now?

Jennifer’s boyfriend Daniel Wong was directly involved in the murder case and he was also sentenced to prison for 25 years.

How Many Siblings Does Jennifer Pan Has?

Jennifer Pan has a brother named Felix Pan who is only three years younger than her.

How Old Was Jennifer Pan Was When She Committed The Murder?

Jennifer Pan was 24 years old when she and her boyfriend attempted to kill her parents through contract killing.


This article covers information about Jennifer’s brother Felix Pan, what happened to him, and where he is now. The reason why he is missing from the documentary is that he refused to be a part of it as he did not want to be associated with her sister and live a completely private life.

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