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If you are a fan of crime and investigation dramas and series, you might have heard of Warrick Brown from CSI. Gary Dourdan played the character of Warrick, after he left the show, fans have been wondering where he is now.

Gary Dourdan is a very popular actor well known for his roles in many crime TV shows and movies such as Crime Scene Investigation and Righteous Villians. He was arrested several times because of drugs and domestic violence but these legal issues did not affect his career.

After Gary departed from the show CSI, he was seen in many TV shows and his new movie is going to be released in a few months. In this article, we will discuss some unknown facts about his life and his upcoming project.

Who Is Gary Dourdan?

Not many people know Gary Dourdan but they know him as Warrick Brown from the show CSI. Gary was born on 11 December 1966 in Pennsylvania. He developed his interests in music and acting when his family moved to New Jersey.

He played with many music bands and acted in music videos which marked the beginning of his acting career. He has acted in many movies and TV shows. He did not have a great married life because he got divorced after two years of marrying a model named Roshumba. 

What Is Gary Dourdan Known For?

Gary Dourdan is a well-known actor and has done many movies, TV shows, and music videos. He gained popularity when he played a guest role in a Television series, A Different World as Shazza Zulu. His character as Mickey in the movie Righteous Villains which was released in 2020 also became very popular.

One show that changed Gary’s life and career is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. His role in the show as Warrick Brown had become so popular that people know Gary as Warrick Brown. The show has 9 Seasons, he was the main character in 8 seasons and played a Guest role in the 9th season of the show.

Where Is Gary Dourdan Now?

The last show in which Gary performed as a guest was a comedy show, “ And Just Like That…” and he played Toussaint’s character in the show’s second season. His new movie “The Lost Princess” in which he played the character of Nassim Ikken is set to be premiered on May 2nd at the Chinese Theater.

The movie is directed by Hicham Hajji and the story is about love and adventures. Gary Dourdan has reposted the official poster of the movie shared by the Hicham Hajji on Instagram and its release date which is during the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Gary Dourdan Now?

Gary Dourdan was born on 11 December 1966 and as of now, he is 57 years old.

Is Gary Dourdan Still Married?

Gary Dourdan is still single as he divorced his wife in 1994, two years after their marriage.


Gary Dourdan started his career in music videos in 1987 and then gained popularity from criminal drama TV shows. He has a very successful career and is still acting in TV shows and movies in 2024.

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