Where Is Eduardo Saverin Now? Eduardo Saverin Net Worth!

What started as an interactive social platform back in 2004, has now become the world’s most popular social media and social networking service. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook is often in the news, but what about the other 4 partners who launched Thefacebook.com?

Andrew Mccollum, Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes were all roommates back in their college days at Harvard. Their story was so inspiring and influential that it inspired the making of the movie “The Social Network” in 2010. 

As Facebook was in its growing stage, it was seen that only Mark Zuckerberg was handling the company and the other partners parted ways due to rising tensions. Eduardo Saverin who invested his money in this startup left the company but no one really knows Where is Eduardo Saverin now and his life after his exit from Facebook.

Where is Eduardo Saverin now? What Happened To Eduardo Saverin?

Mark Zuckerberg was senior to Saverin. They came up with a plan to launch a platform where students could easily post information about their lives and the happenings around them and get to interact with each other.

When Facebook was started in 2002, Saverin’s role was of business manager and financial officer.Eduardo Saverin parted ways from Facebook in 2005 after Zuckerberg diluted his shares (as per Business Insider reports). 

In 2009 Saverin moved to Singapore with his family and settled there. There he started investing in startups through his venture capital firm, B Capital.

Apart from establishing B Capital ( a venture capital curated to help entrepreneurs in the info tech), Saverin co-founded Aporta, and invested in Jumio and Qwiki. Although, Qwiki was not a successful investment for Saverin but he did earn a lot from his other ventures.

What Was The Saverin US Citizenship Controvery?

In 2011 Saverin played a smart move by renouncing Singapore citizenship. This announcement was made right before Facebook’s success that would have made Saverin a multi billionaire. 

He gave up his American citizenship and never retiurned back to the U.S. to avoid the $700 million in taxes that he would have to pay as earned from Facebook’s success.

All this was in controversy for a while as Saverin never returned back to U.S. and would never probably be back, as he would still have to pay the evaded taxes for his shares at Facebook along with 30% additional taxes on all the investments he makes from the U.S. in future.

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

As per the recent survey and reports, Eduardo Saverin’s net worth as of 2024 is 28.5 billion USD. 

Eduardo Saverin Share In Facebook

Surprisingly, Eduardo Saverin holds 2% stake in Meta (earlier Facebook) even after suing Facebook. This 2% stake holding at Meta worth somewhat around 6 B USD at present.

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