Where Is Daniel Willyam Today?

‘Nightmare Next Door: The Art of Murder’ brings people’s attention to the murder case of Shelly. If you are wondering where the murderer Daniel Willyam is today, we have got you covered.

Daniel Willyam, a 26-year-old homosexual man killed his roommate’s girlfriend Shelly on 11 September 2009. Daniel had a love interest in his friend Nathan and he was jealous of Shelley because they started spending time with each other a lot.

In 2011, Daniel Willyam was found guilty of the murder of Shelly and was given a life sentence in prison. Read this article to get detailed information on Shelly’s murder case, what happened to her, and where Daniel Willyam is now.

Who Happened To Samantha Nance (Shelly)?

Samantha Nance was called Shelley by her friends and family. She used to live in Falls Apartment with her friend Ashley. One day Ashley came back to the apartment and did not find her there. The other day Shelly’s parents called the college to ask about her.

Ashley then returned to the apartment and found the dead body of Shelly in her bedroom. She freaked out and called her friends and the police for help. The police could not find any signs of forced entry which means the killer had access to keys to the apartment.

What Did Daniel Willyam Do?

Daniel Willyam is the person who killed Shelly out of rage and jealousy. Daniel and Nathan were very close friends and roommates. Nathan was a very shy and introverted kind of person so they both used to spend most of the time together. But things changed when Nathan and Shelly started dating. 

They would spend a lot of time together. Daniel was unhappy with this and kept asking Ashley questions like where she was or if she was with Nathan or not. He took Ashley’s car keys which also had the apartment keys. He killed Shelly by stabbing her 42 times and even tried to erase all the evidence.

Where Is Daniel Willyam Today?

Although Daniel did not agree with the court’s decision, all the evidence pointed towards him being responsible for the murder of Shelly. He was found guilty of the first-degree murder of his roommate Nathan’s girlfriend Samantha Nance or Shelly.

At present Daniel is in prison and he is unable to get away from it at least before 2041. The reason is that he was given a life sentence in 2011 without parole for 30 years. He can only submit a request for early release or bail after the mentioned period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was Nathan’s Relationship With Daniel Willyam?

Nathan and Daniel were roommates and shared a very close bond, Daniel was open about his sexuality with him but they were nothing more than just friends.

Why Did Daniel Willyam Kill Shelly Nance?

Daniel was jealous of Shelly because after she and Nathan got into a relationship, they started spending more time together.


Daniel Willyam is in prison right now for the murder of his friend Nathan’s girlfriend Shelly Nance. He was given a life sentence in prison in the year 2011 without parole for 30 years. It means he can not be released from jail at least before the year 2041.

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