What Happened To George In Young Sheldon?

The popular American Sitcom drama series Young Sheldon has finally come to an end. The last few episodes focus on Sheldon’s father George and fans are concerned about what happened to him in Young Sheldon.

Young Sheldon is basically is prequel to the most popular Science and fiction series The Big Bang Theory. It deals with the childhood experiences and adventures of the main character Sheldon Cooper in the series.

In the 12th episode, season 7 of Young Sheldon, it is revealed that Sheldon’s father George Cooper has passed away. To learn more about George, the cause of his death, and how his family tackles the whole situation, read this guide thoroughly.

Who Is George In Young Sheldon?

In Young Sheldon, George Cooper is a fictional character who is the father of Young Sheldon. He is married to Mary Cooper and has three kids, Georgie, Missy, and Sheldon. Sheldon is extremely intelligent however his father lacks any of his intelligence.

George Cooper was a football player in high school and later he joined the military. Soon after he met Mary, they became very close. She got pregnant with his child, and the couple got married. He started working as a Football coach and later Mary gave birth to twins.

What Happened To George In Young Sheldon?

George Cooper has already experienced two heart attacks before but he was lucky enough to survive. He never cared about his health and his drinking habit has made it even worse. However, his death was certain as he was dead in The Big Bang Theory.

In Episode 12, Season 7, the family was waiting for George but the Principal and the assistant coach arrived at their house. They disclosed the news of George’s death to the family, explaining that he died of a heart attack during the football practice. The episode did not feature his death scene.

How Does The Family React To The Loss Of Goerge In Young Sheldon?

All appeared well, and Sheldon’s misinterpreting of the claims that George had an affair was also false. The entire family has been impacted by the news of George’s unfortunate death. The final episodes deal with the effect of George’s death on the family and how they will tackle the whole situation. 

The family was about to move out on the day he passed away. Missy and Sheldon regret their last memories with their father. Missy refused to go to school with his father and rather took the bus. Sheldon was not happy about moving out and he skipped the last dinner with his dad. But Georgie’s last conversation with his father was very positive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does George Get A Divorce In Young Sheldon?

After observing the effects of divorce on someone’s children, he decided to stay with his wife and work on their relationship.

How was the funeral scene of George portrayed in Young Sheldon?

The final episode of the series Young Sheldon will show the after-effects of George’s death and his funeral.


In this article, we have shared all the information related to George’s unfortunate death. In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper suffered the loss of his father, who passed away when he was young. So, it was obvious that George would be dead by the finale of the Young Sheldon.

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