What Happened to Edgar in Eric?

Eric, an emotional father-son story that was released last month on Netflix, has the audiences glued for its strong storyline. What happens to Edgar in Eric’s ending scene is quite emotional and a turning point.

This series is also a direct toll on parenting as lack of right parenting ethics can harm the relationship between child and parent. And nobody would want to experience the nightmare of their child going missing out of nowhere like we saw in the series.

It was a relief watching Edgar return back home at the end of Eric. What happened to Edgar in Eric raises many questions for the general audience, especially parents. 

What Happened to Edgar in Eric?

Edgar’s father, Vincent Anderson, was an alcoholic who ran a TV show in NYC in the 80’s called “Good Day Sunshine.”

Edgar was just 9 years old when he went missing from home, and everything in the family changed.

One day while returning from school Edgar goes missing. But he wasn’t kidnapped. Edgar happened to follow an old homeless man, Yuusuf Egbe living on the outskirts of an urban NYC subway tunnel.

Yuusuf Egbe lived there with his partner Raya, who was also a drug addict. While Yuusuf plans to keep the child engaged and get the reward money for returning Edgar to his parents, Raya has some other plans. Raya wanted to sell that 9-year-old kid to a pimp in an NYC nightclub.

Yuusuf calls Edgar’s mother, Cassie, and asks her to make a deal in exchange for her son. Soon, this news was widespread in the media about the child abductor, and Yuusuf was all over the media. Having no choice left, Yuusuf ran away, leaving Edgar with Raya.

Soon the police started raiding all the subway tunnels. Raya took Edgar and left their place. On their way they both slept from a ladder leading to Raya’s drawing. Edgar survives the day and goes to a nearby local diner. There Edgar watched Eric (an imaginary blue giant character that Edgar drew) on TV who was appealing to Edgar to return back home.

Why did Edgar run away in Eric?

Kids have a direct impact on what’s happening in their surroundings. Edgar’s parents, Vincent and Cassie, lacked the basic parenting traits as they couldn’t understand that their constant fights were affecting Edgar’s subconscious as a nine-year-old child.

The main reason why Edgar ran away from Eric was that his parents fought the night before and while returning from school, he didn’t feel like going home back to that scene of his parents fighting.

So, he followed Yuusuf and stayed with him for a while.

How Does Vincent Find Edgar At The End of Eric?

How Does Vincent Find Edgar At The End of Eric?

Vincent, Edgar’s father was completely disturbed after his son went missing. He was so obsessed with finding his missing son, that he did every crazy thing that came his way. During this journey, we also saw so many emotional twists in the series. 

Ahh, don’t tell me you didn’t cry watching all this?

At the end of Eric, we see how Vincent found a drawing that Edgar made of a blue giant character named ERIC. Vincent knew what needed to be done now.

Vincent dressed as ERIC and came live on his TV shows, appealing Edgar to come back home, hoping that Edgar would see this and return home. At last, Vincent removed Eric’s head and said “Race you home”, a code word that the father and son used often.

That was such an emotional and overwhelming scene. Luckily, Edgar who was at the local diner sees Eric on the TV and rushes back home. Finally, the father and son reunite and the series ends with the audience weeping in joy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who kidnapped Edgar in Eric?

As the series progressed towards it’s ending it was finally revealed that Edgar wasn’t kidnapped by anyone. In fact Edgar went missing because he followed Yuusuf into the underground tunnels.

What happened at the end of Eric?

The series ended with reuniting father and son. The plan to play Eric on TV finally works for Vincent, and Edgar returns home.

Is Eric based on a true story?

No, Eric is a fictional story. The filmmakers revealed that Eric was inspired by the general fear of every parent of losing their children.

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