Is The North Star Based On A True Story?

It is difficult to imagine the exploitation of the Ukrainian villagers shown in the movie “The North Star” in real life. If you are wondering whether the movie is based on a true story or not, read this article.

The North Star, 1943 is a movie that is based on wars and the opposition of people during the 20th century that created disruption. It tells the story of a slave who runs away to be free from the horrors of exploitation and slavery.

The movie is based on real incidents and shares the story of slaves trying to escape from the horrors of slavery by following a North Star, also known as Polaris.

Is The North Star Based On A True Story?

The movie North Star is based on real-life incidents and it aims to share the story of the Ukrainian villagers to the world. Though the movie’s story is based on true events, a few fictional elements can be seen in the movie.

The movie is opposed and criticized by many people and it was re-released under a different name in 1957. The new version of the movie is known as Armored Attack, but the original version of the movie is still available online.

What Is The Plot Of The Movie “The North Star”?

The movie “The North Star” shares the story of a brave slave Big Ben Jones who decided not to let the German invaders decide his fate. He ran from the village to escape the harsh reality and the problems to get a new and peaceful life.

He followed the North Star also known as Polaris and used it as a navigating medium to reach his destination. The North Star used to be very important for people to navigate because it is the only star that remains almost in the same place every time. He risks his life to achieve freedom and reaches Bucks County. 

He is helped by a group of religious people known as Quakers there, where he finds a safe place to hide in the Underground Railroad. The movie focuses on the resistance movement and tells how people from different races or castes come together and help each other to get freedom for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did The Slaves Follow The North Star?

The North Star or Polaris played a very important role for the people during the ancient times for navigation and that is why the slaves followed the North Star to get freedom from slavery.

Who Directed The Movie The North Star?

The movie The North Star was directed by Lewis Milestone, who has received Academy Awards for Best Director for many films.


The movie “The North Star” tells the tale of the brutal treatment and exploitation of  Ukrainian villagers by the German invasion. A man named Big Ben Jones risks his life to escape from slavery and he follows the North Star to achieve the freedom he desires.

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