Is Savageland Based On A True Story?

The documentary and found footage style of the film Savageland makes people wonder whether it is based on a real story or not.

Savageland is very disturbing, horror, suspenseful, and one of the creepiest films you will ever watch. It narrates the story of a town where all the residents, except the survivor, Francisco Salazar, died in one night, and the survivor became the prime suspect.

Savageland is a mockumentary, meaning it is a fictional story narrated as a real documentary. Whether the movie Savageland took any inspiration from the real life events, or not, let’s find out!

Is The Movie Savageland Based On A True Story?

The movie Savageland is presented as a real documentary. It is shot using interviews and found footage photos and videos. However, it is also hard to believe that zombies exist in real life.

Savageland is a fictional story of an attack by zombies on a town that killed the whole population of the town. An amateur photographer who survived the attack was arrested and given a death sentence. 

What Is The Plot Of The Movie Savageland?

After the whole population of the town of Sangre De Cristo, Arizona, was found dead. The only survivor, Francisco Salazar, who was trying to run away to Mexico, was caught by the police. He was a photographer who entered the country illegally, and he became the prime suspect for the murders.

He remained silent after the incident, and despite no evidence being found against him, he was convicted and given a death sentence. During a trial, he said that he had a camera and documented all that happened that night. The camera roll was found which revealed all that happened and proved Salazar’s innocence.

Though the court rejected it and called it fake, a professional photographer confirmed that it was real. The people of the town were attacked by Zombies as per the videos and photos by Salazar. He was still executed, but later, his body went missing from the grave.

What Happened To The People In Savageland?

The people in the town of Sangre De Cristo, Arizona, were found dead mysteriously. The dead bodies had bite marks on them as if humans ate them. The police began the investigation and caught the sole survivor, Salazar, who also had similar marks.

Salazar had documented the whole event in his camera and the footage and photos reveal that the town was attacked by a group of Zombies. The main antagonists in the film are zombies but the court did not believe it and the zombies continued attacking other people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened To Salazar In Savageland?

Salazar was innocent, but the court gave him a death sentence, and he was executed in the end.

Are The Photos By Salazar In Savageland Real?

Nothing in the movie Savageland is related to real life but is fictional, including the story, videos, photos, and characters.


In conclusion, Savageland is not based on any real-life events or characters. The movie mocks a real documentary and adapts the found footage style to make it seem realistic. This makes it different from the conventional zombie stories and films.

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