Where Are Rosa Peral Kids? What Happened To Rosa Peral?

The Netflix Documentary Rosa Peral’s Tapes portrays how decisions made by parents affect their little kids and their own lives. This documentary raises concerns about Rosa Peral’s kids and where they are now.

Rosa Peral’s Tapes is a Spanish true crime Netflix Documentary that narrates the murder and investigation story of Pedro Rodriguez. Rosa is found guilty of the murder of her partner with the help of her ex-boyfriend.

Rosa Peral has two daughters who are either living with their grandparents or their father. Read this article to understand the case of Rosa Peral, the role of her kids in her story, and how it affected her daughters.

Which Netflix Documentary Is Based On Rosa Peral?

The murder case of Pedro has got many people’s attention and the fact  Rosa still does not accept that she killed him left people thinking about it. To know the real truth behind the case you might have to do a thorough case search. 

The Netflix Documentary Rosa Peral’s Tapes is solely based on the interviews of Rosa from the prison, trials, and how the case affected the people around him. Rosa is sentenced to 25 years in prison, and some people think that her sentence was unjustified.

What Happened To Rosa Peral?

Rosa Peral was only 16 years old when she got married to Ruben and then they had two daughters. Her relationship with her husband was going well until she fell in love with a fellow police officer, Albert Lopez. She was also dating multiple men at one time.

She separated from her husband and wanted to settle down with Albert but he refused. She loved her daughters so much and wanted a secure future for them. She met Pedro Rodriguez who accepted her daughters as his own and loved them.

She was still in love with Albert but for the sake of her daughter’s future, she decided to settle down with Pedro. Albert was unhappy with this decision and he killed Pedro out of jealousy. Rosa was also found guilty of the murder which she does not admit.

Where Are Rosa Peral’s Kids Now?

After Rosa was convicted of the murder of Pedro Rodriguez, her daughters started living with her grandparents. Her elder daughter’s name is Emma and the younger one’s name remains unknown. The good thing is that they are happy and still in contact with their mother.

When a person commits a crime and is sentenced, it affects their family members and acquaintances. Rosa Peral’s daughter are kept away from media and public appearances so that they can live a normal life. However, the burden of their mother’s sins will never leave them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Father of Rosa Peral’s Daughters?

Throughout her life, Rosa had multiple partners but she only had two daughters from her ex-husband Ruben Carbo.

Where Is Albert Lopez Now?

Albert Lopez was convicted of the murder of Rosa’s partner Pedro and is currently serving his 20-year sentence in prison.


The Netflix Documentary Rosa Peral’s Tapes focuses on the murder mystery of Pedro who was killed by her partner and her boyfriend. Pedro loved Rosa Peral’s two girls from her previous marriage as if they were his own. Her daughters are now living a private life with their grandparents.

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