Where Is Junko Furuta Family Now? Who Killed Junko Furuta?

The Junko Furata rape case left everyone in shock and outraged. It raises questions about how her family dealt with this situation and where they are now.

Junko Furata was a Japanese high school girl who was abducted while she was coming home from her job. Several men brutally raped her for more than 40 days before she died and her body was found in a concrete drum.

Junko Furuta’s family had lost their child and were unable to get justice for her. The killers are roaming around freely in the world. Let’s find out what happened to her family and where they are now.

What Happened To Junko Furata?

Junko Furata was a very pretty and popular girl at her school. She used to work part-time jobs to save money for her graduation. One night when she was riding her bicycle on her way home, she was abducted.

She was then kept on the second floor of the house of one of the four boys who committed the brutal crime. They also called many of their friends to rape her. They have also beaten her and burned her skin with candles. The physical and mental torture impacted her overall health.

They would give her little food to eat making her malnourished. Her body was covered with bruises and burns. When the boys lost interest in her, they beat her to death. Then they put her body in a drum filled with concrete and dumped it.

Where Is Junko Furuta’s Family Now?

After Junko Furata went missing, her family reported her missing to the nearest police station. They also received call from her saying she was all fine, she was forced by the culprits to do so. The police later found her body while investigating a different crime. 

After the news went viral, the family got a lot of attention from the media. Her family tried their best to put the culprits behind the bars. They started helping other victims and even established a foundation in the name of their daughter. Junko Furuta’s family is currently living a private life and their whereabouts are unknown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Junko Furuta’s Killers Now?

Junko Furuta’s killers were released few years after her death and they are living independently now.

Why Did Junko Furuta’s Brain Shrink?

The autopsy report revealed that Furuta’s brain shrank due to trauma and physical damage to her body.


Junko’s story startled the world as a whole prompting questions about how cruel and inhuman the teenagers were, and the extent of the impact they had. Junko Furuta’s family fought for justice for their daughter but still, the criminals are living freely.

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