What Happened To John Sutton Dateline?

If you’ve watched Dateline’s episode on John Sutton, you may be interested in learning more about his current situation and what happened to him. These are all the details you need to know.

Dateline is an American reality TV show that mainly focuses on true crime investigation news and stories. It has a total number of 32 seasons with millions of views and its first episode was aired on 31 March 1992.

One of the episodes of Dateline shares the horrific story of the death of John Sutton’s wife and his miraculous survival. To get more information about John Sutton and the murder mystery, read this article until the end.

What Happened In The Episode Blind Justice In Dateline?

Blind Justice is an Episode on Dateline that shares the true crime and investigation story of a mysterious home invasion. John Sutton and his wife were alone at home when a man in all black clothes invaded their house and shot both of them.

While Susan Sutton died on the spot, John Sutton somehow survived. The investigation began and the police arrested a serial killer Garrett Kopp. He said that he was ordered by John’s son Christopher to kill his parents. Both of them were found guilty.

What Happened To John Sutton In Dateline?

John Sutton was shot twice in his head by the killer and he was taken to the hospital. His face was unrecognizable because of the injuries. He was in a very critical condition and initially, the doctors declared him dead.

John survived surprisingly and doctors said it was a miracle for a person with this kind of injury to survive. He was recovering but he had lost his eyesight completely. He demanded justice for his wife and was heartbroken to learn that it was all his son Chris’ plan.

Who Killed John Sutton’s Wife?

The police found a number in Christopher’s call history that he had been contacting a several time. After being taken into custody by police, Garrett Kopp admitted to the crime. He told the police that Sutton’s son Christopher was the mastermind.

Christopher used to bunk schools and changed many schools before he was sent to a boarding school. He was not happy with their parents’ decision and always wanted to kill them. He was found guilty and was given a life sentence without Parole. The hitman Garrett was given a sentence of 30 years and will be released in 2035.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Children Did John And Susan Sutton Have?

Having no biological children of their own, John and Susan Sutton adopted a boy named Christopher and a girl named Melissa.

How Is John Susan’s Eyesight Today?

Unfortunately, John Sutton lost his sight permanently even though he miraculously survived the attack despite having severe injuries.


In conclusion, this was all you needed to know about the real story of John Sutton from Dateline. We have discussed the Blind Justice episode of Dateline which narrates the true story of John Sutton and his deceased wife Susan Sutton.

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