Is Under The Bridge A True Story?

In 1997, The death of a teenage girl Reena Virk in Canada shocked the whole world. Whether the latest TV Series on Hulu “Under The Bridge” narrates the true story of the murder of Reena or not, Let’s find out.

Under The Bridge is an American TV series that is based on a true crime novel of a similar name written by Rebecca Godfrey. The series follows the murder case of Reena Virk and has 8 episodes in total. The final episode is set to be released on 29 May 2024.

The series opens up with a disclaimer “Based on a true story”, but for dramatic effect, and some parts of the story in the series are fictionalized. Read this guide to learn the truth behind the series and how much of it is true to the original story.

Is Under The Bridge Based On A True Story?

The latest TV series Under The Bridge is based on a bestselling novel by Rebecca Godfrey. The novel is entirely based on the real events and true murder story of Reena Virk. She was the one who has closely witnessed the whole investigation.

She was involved in the case more than any police officer or FBI agent. She remained close to the victim’s family and the classmates who were involved in the case. In the series adaptation, Quinn Shephard has introduced many fictional events and characters to make the story more interesting for the audience.

How Is  Rebecca Godfrey Involved In The Series Under The Bridge?

Rebecca Godfrey plays a very important role in the story. She is a writer who loves writing fictional crime stories. She belonged to the same place where Reena lived and has closely observed the case and investigation. She dug deep into the story to reveal the truth as she was very inspired by it.

She wrote a true crime novel based on the case. Her novel became very famous and she was approached by Quinn Shephard to turn the novel into a TV series. In the series, she also played an important role of herself which was absent in her novel.

Who Are The Killers In Under The Bridge? Who Killed Reena?

The killers in Under The Bridge are none other than Reena’s own schoolmates. She was bullied by a group of teenagers, 6 females, and 1 male were closely involved in the murder case. They beat her, kicked her on her stomach, and burned her with a cigarette.

They did not intend to kill her but when Reena started to run away. Warren and Kelly followed her to check on her and they strangled her to death. Both of them were convicted of the second-degree murder of Reena Virk. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who Is Josephine In Under The Bridge?

The character of Josephine in Under The Bridge is based on one of the girls who is involved in the murder of Reena Virk.

Why Was Reena Bullied?

Reena’s classmates bullied and harassed her because of her looks and religion; she belonged to an Indian-Canadian family. 


Hulu’s latest TV series Under The Bridge is based on the true murder story of Reena Virk as narrated in a novel by Rebecca Godfrey. Many fictional elements have been added in the series adaptation to make the story more intriguing and the names of some characters are also changed to maintain their privacy.

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