Is The Waltons Based On A True Story?

Historical dramas are always so fascinating as you get to see the ancient happenings and how the masses dealt with it. A similar historical drama that caught audience attention is The Waltons. For all those who have watched it before, you must be wondering is The Waltons based on a true story?

The location where The Waltons was filmed is a fictional place. The community shown in the series is also fictional. The only real inspiration in this series is the storyline. 

Yes, The Waltons is inspired from a true story not completely but partially. It’s the story about a rural family who survived the challenges during World War II and the Great Depression.

Is The Waltons Based On A True Story?

Well, partially yes and completely no!

The Waltons draws it’s inspiration from Earl Hamner Jr. who is a Television writer and a renowned author. The story takes place from the time of World War II and the Great Depression. It’s the true story of the Waltons family.

It shows the struggles faced by soldier families due to war’s effects. It beautifully portrays how family values unite communities to stand for each other during hard times.

In addition, the creator’s intentions to add a personal touch to the TV show made the show a hit. The Waltons focuses on representing age old family traditions, making the show totally different from the usual war dramas.

Where Can You Watch All Seasons Of The Waltons?

You can stream The Waltons all seasons for free on Freevee, but it streams with ads. 

If you do not want to be disturbed by ads, then you can go ahead and stream the show on Apple TV, Amazon Video, Vudu, and Google Play Movies.

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The Waltons is indeed a true story of the rural family who suffered the chaotic war situations. Through this show we got to know the power of family support and values. 

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