Is The Signal Based on a True Story?

Several murder mysteries portrayed in the Korean TV Series Signal make people question whether the K Drama is based on a true story or just a work of fiction.

Signal is a suspense thriller and fantasy Korean drama series directed by Kim Won Seok. The series follows the story of a Criminal Profiler who tries to solve many cold cases and these cases are based on real crimes in Korea. 

The Korean TV series “Signal” follows several crimes that are based on real crimes in Korea that happened in the past. The series has a fictional story but the murder and kidnapping cases are inspired by real crime stories.

Is The Signal Based On A True Story?

Kim Eun Hee wrote the story of Signal, a fictional story that takes place in a fictional city with imaginative characters. However, the crimes and murders depicted in the series are based on real crimes that happened in the past and the killer remained unidentified.

The show opens up with a kidnapping case that is based on the real kidnapping and murder case of Park Chorong Bitnari which happened in 1997. The serial murders portrayed in the series are based on the serial killing case “Hwaseong Serial Murders.” It also features the “Miryang Gang Rape Case” that took place in 2004.

What Is The Plot Of The Series “Signal”?

The K Drama series Signal follows a very interesting fictional story and the efforts of a criminal profiler to solve cold cases. The crimes that are depicted in the series are actually based on true crime stories and some cold cases that happened in the past in Korea.

Park Hae Yeong was a school student when he witnessed a kidnapping and murder case of a little girl. He became a police officer later when he grew up. While solving a case he found a walkie talkie and the strange thing is that he was able to connect with Detective Lee Jae Han who is in the past in 1989 while Hae Yeong is in 2015.

They both worked together to solve the cold cases that Detective Lee was unable to solve on his own because of the lack of technology during his time. The killer of all the serial murders remains unidentified but he might be revealed in the next season of the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be a Season 2 Of Signal?

The writer of Signal Kim Eun Hee has shared that they are preparing for the second season of the K drama Signal.

Who Is The Killer In The Signal?

The killer has not been found in this season of Signal and it remains a mystery.

How Many Episodes Of Signal Are There?

Like most of the other K Dramas, Signal also has 16 episodes.


If you are a K Drama fan and love suspense thriller films then Signal is one of the best options for you. The story follows a series of murder cases that are based on real-life criminal cases that took place in Korea.

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