Is The Judge Based On A True Story?

A Judge is responsible for providing justice to people but in the movie The Judge, a Judge is convicted of a crime. The movie left people wondering whether it is based on a true story.

The Judge is a courtroom drama film released in 2014 and has received mixed reviews from the audience and critics. It was a box office hit and earned $84.4 million which was almost double the amount invested in its making.

The story of the movie The Judge is not based on or inspired by any real-life story. It is a completely fictional story. You must read this guide to learn more about the film’s plot and conclusion.

Is The Judge Based On A True Story?

Most people who watched the movie believed that it was based on a true story because the courtroom setting, the trials, and the performance looked very realistic. The truth is the movie is not based on a true story but a complete work of fiction.

It is the story of a Judge and his son Hank who is a lawyer. Hank was about to divorce his wife when his mother died. He came to attend his mother’s funeral and he learned that his father is suspected of murder. The Judge was charged with the murder even after Hank’s efforts to save his father.

Why Was the Judge Convicted?

Judge Joseph was a prime suspect in the murder of a criminal Blackwell. The judge has given him a sentence in the past for the murder of his girlfriend. All the evidence was against the Judge and it was proved in the court that he was the murderer.

Although the truth was still known, Judge doesn’t remember anything from that night as he is suffering from a terminal illness and is undergoing Chemotherapy. He refused to tell the jury about his illness and was given a 5-year sentence for the murder of Blackwell.

What Happens At The End Of The Judge?

In the courtroom, the Judge tells the Jury that Blackwell reminded him of his son Hank and an incident from the past. He regretted giving a lesser sentence to Blackwell because he did not improve and that’s why he killed him.

The Judge ends on a loose note, as The Judge was given a 5-year sentence and he was released early. He served his sentence and died on a boat while fishing. Unfortunately, the truth of the night was not revealed and remained a mystery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Carla In The Judge?

Carla is the daughter of Hank’s former girlfriend Sam and his brother Glen.

What Is The Relationship Between Hank And Carla In The Judge?

As soon as Hank arrives in his hometown, he makes out with Carla, but he later learns that she is Sam and Glen’s daughter.


The Judge is not based on any book or true story rather it is an entirely fictional story penned by David Dobkin, who is also the director, and Nick Schenk. While the evidence proved that The Judge had killed Blackwell it’s not confirmed as he doesn’t remember anything from that night.

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