Is The Help Based On True Story?

Many people who have watched the movie The Help are still confused about whether the movie is based on a true story or not. In this article, we will clear all your doubts and confusion.

The Help is a historical drama film based on the novel of a similar name penned by Kathryn Stockett. Both the movie and novel share the same story of a young journalist and writer, who writes a story in collaboration with two black maids.

In the movie adaptation of the best-selling novel “The Help”, all the characters and plot is entirely fictional. However, the story depicts the real struggles and point of view of the household in America during the mid-nineteenth century.

Is the Movie The Help Based On A True Story?

The movie The Help is written and directed by a famous American filmmaker and writer, Tate Taylor, and released in the year 2011. The movie is not based on any real-life incidents or a true story.

The movie The Help is based on a novel with a similar name written by Kathryn Stockett. The novel was published in 2009 by Penguin Books. The story is fictional but is inspired by the lives of black household helpers who worked at white people’s houses during the 1960s. 

What Is The Plot Of The Movie “The Help”?

The plot of the movie “The Help” takes place in a small town Mississippi in 1962. It shares the story of a girl named Skeeter who has completed her studies and wants to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer. She saw the exploitation of black women who worked at white People’s houses. 

She began interviewing the black maids but initially, only Aibileen collaborated with her. Later many women joined her and told their stories and experiences. The movie shares the harsh reality and racism that the black people were facing, especially the black maids.

What Happened At The End Of The Movie The Help?

The movie ends on a happy note, all the characters are presented better than they were at the beginning of the film. The writer Skeeter has achieved her dreams and is finally united with her mother. 

Minny has left her abusive husband as she gets a permanent job. Aibileen retires from her job and asks Elizabeth to love her daughter Mae. Elizabeth started crying seeing her daughter Mae sad because of Aibileen’s departure.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Celia Have A Baby In The Help?

Celia was pregnant when she married Johnny but unfortunately, she had a miscarriage and has experienced multiple miscarriages in the film.

Is There A Second Part Of The Movie The Help?

As of now, neither the novel nor the movie adaptation of The Help has a sequel to it but we can expect a second part of the movie in the following years.


By reading this article, all your queries are doubts related to the movie The Help will be cleared. The movie is not directly related to any real person but it represents the whole community and racism faced by black people during the 1960s.

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