Is The Empress Based On A True Story?

If you love romantic and historical drama then you will surely love the Netflix’s series The Empress. Want to know whether it is based on a true story or not, read this guide.

The Empress is a historical German TV series available on Netflix that narrates the story of an Empress and Emperor of Austria. A novel based on this series with the same name by Gigi Griffs was also published in the same year 2022.

Though loosely based on a true story, Netflix’s series The Empress does not reference historical real-life events. In this article, we have discussed more about the love story, series’ plot, and ending of the Empress.

Is Netflix’s The Empress Based On A True Story?

Although the series The Empress does not resemble the exact history of reality events, it is somewhat based on the true story of the Empress Elisabeth or Sisi. The first and currently only season of the series was released in 2022.

The Empress is a combination of rich history and fictional aspects that makes it an exceptionally captivating story. It is the story of a girl who falls in love with his husband whom her mother had first chosen for her sister Helen.

What Is The Plot Of The Empress?

The first season of The Empress consists of 6 episodes and it focuses on the early years of the marriage of Elisabeth and Fraz Joseph. They fell in love with each other after their marriage. Because of her rebellious nature, she often indulges in conflicts with her mother-in-law.

By the end, Elisabeth realises that she is pregnant but she can’t tell her husband about the pregnancy because Franz agrees with his mother that Sisi should leave Vienna. Elisabeth left the palace to return to her home.

How Is Sisi And Franz Love Story In The Empress?

Sisi and Franz’s mothers are sisters and they have decided to get Sisi’s elder sister Helene married to Franz. However, Franz saw Sisi and immediately fell in love with her. Their engagement was announced and after almost six months they got married in Vienna.

Sisi is still very young and doesn’t like the strict rules in the palace. She is rebellious in nature and very childlike. She eventually falls in love with Franz but on the other hand, Fraz finds himself stuck in between her wife’s desires and her mother’s orders.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is The Empress Based On A Book?

The Netflix show The Empress is not based on any novel, rather the book is entirely based on the series.

Who Was Sisi In Love With?

Sisi got married to Franz Joseph and as their relationship grew stronger, they fell in love with each other.


In conclusion, The Empress is loosely based on a true story. The story has some fictional elements that make this historical love story of Elisabeth and Franz Joseph more interesting to watch for the audience.

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