Is Pedro Lopez Alive?

No one can forget the man who was given the title of “Monster of the Andes” for killing approximately 300 people. If you are curious to know whether Pedro Lopez is alive and where he is now then read this article.

Pedro Lopez is one of the most dangerous serial killers and rapists, who have murdered around 300 people in his lifetime. Most of them were young girls and women, he was found guilty of all the crimes and was sentenced to prison for 16 years.

In the year 1994, Pedro Lopez was released early from jail as his bail was granted. To learn more about the life of Pedro Lopez, what crimes he has committed, and if he is alive, make sure to read this article thoroughly.

How Was Pedro Lopez’ Early Life?

Pedro was born to a prostitute and his real father was dead before he was born.  He had a very traumatizing childhood and he ran away from his house when he was only eight years old. He lived on the streets as a homeless kid and where he was molested.

Later he was adopted by a family and started going to school. But unfortunately, he left his adoptive parents after he was sexually abused at school by his teacher. Then, he started stealing cars and he was sent to jail for the theft.

What Did Pedro Lopez Do?

When Pedro was in jail for the theft, he was raped by some people whom he killed to take revenge. This incident increased his sentence to two years. His traumatizing childhood and life experiences have made him the person he was. After being released from prison, he began killing people that would provide him mental satisfaction.

His victims were mostly young girls and women, he used to abduct young girls and rape them. He has killed almost 300 people including men and women in his entire life. He had buried multiple bodies in a single pit, which were later found by the police while investigating. 

Is Pedro Lopez Alive?

Pedro Lopez was arrested by the police while he was trying to kidnap a young 12-year-old girl. The locals caught him and informed the police. He was found guilty of all the crimes he had committed. He was given a 16-year sentence in prison in 1979. The mental hospital declared that he is now showing signs of good behavior and regrets what he has done.

In the year 1994, Pedro was released from prison early almost two years before. He was last seen in 1999 and after that, he was unable to be tracked down. Currently, there is no information on whether he is alive or dead. Several crimes were reported afterward that follow the same pattern as his but the police could not find him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was Pedro Lopez’s Mother?

Pedro Lopez’s mother Benilda López was a prostitute and he had a very difficult childhood because of domestic violence.

What Is Pedro Lopez’s Age?

Pedro Lopez was born on 8 October 1948 and he would be 75 years old now at the time of writing if he is alive.


This was all you needed to know about the serial killer Pedro Lopez. He had a very traumatizing and disturbing childhood. His experiences had made him the person he was. However, this does not justify the crimes he had committed. 

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