Is Pain And Gain A True Story?

Like many other fans if you are wondering is Pain and Gain a true story, then you landed at the right spot. 

Pain And Gain is a crime, action, and dark comedy film that is directed by Michael Bay. It narrates the story of Sun Gym members who formed a gang and were convicted of many crimes including kidnapping, extortion, and murder.

The movie Pain And Gain narrates the true crime story of Daniel Lugo and his gang. Let’s find out in this article, how much of the movie is true, which part is fictional, and what happened to the gang members in real life.

Is Pain And Gain A True Story?

The movie Pain and Gain is inspired by the true story of Daniel Lugo and Sun Gym gang members. The movie is entirely based on the articles written by Pete Collins who wrote a series of articles about the gang and the crimes committed.

The movie was directed by Michael Bay and released in 2013. It was a box office hit but a lot of received criticism and sued by a victim of the gang Marc Schiller. It has been into controversies regarding how much of the movie is true.

What Is The Plot Of The Move Pain And Gain?

The plot revolves around the true story of a man named Daniel Lugo who was hired at Sun Gym as a manager. He was jealous of a rich man he was training. He along with other members kidnapped Kershaw took over all his assets and tried to kill him.

Luckily, Kershaw survived and he told the police about the whole incident. On the other hand, the gang kidnapped and killed two other people. Finally, they were all arrested for the crimes they committed and given sentences in prison accordingly.

What Happened To The Real Gang Members In Pain And Gain?

The Sun Gym gang members were arrested for their crimes, the murder of Frank Griga and Krisztina Furton, and the kidnapping and extortion of Marc Schiller. Daniel Ludo was given a death sentence and is currently in prison on death row.

Doorbal was also given a death sentence but his death sentence was overturned in 2017. The owner of the Sun Gym, John Mese was given a 30 years sentence in prison but he died a year later in 2004 due to a stroke.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Daniel Lugo Now?

Daniel Logo was given a death sentence and after his appeal was rejected multiple times, he remains on death row.

Where Is Paul Doyle From Pain And Gain?

Paul Doyle is a fictional character in the movie who is based on a real gang member of the Sun Gym.


In this article, we have provided information regarding the film Pain and Gain and its reality. The movie is almost based on a true story of a Sun Gym gang and their activities mentioned in the articles written by Pete Collins.

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