Is Coraline Based On A True Story?

Coraline is one of the most disturbing movies that can surely give you nightmares. What do you think, is it based on a true story? Read this article and learn about it. 

Coraline is an American horror dark fantasy movie released in 2009. If you have watched the film, then you must be aware of the horror level of the movie. Let’s find out how much truth is there in this movie. 

The movie Coraline is not a completely true story. But, Yes, its story is adapted from Neil Gaiman’s 2002 novel. 

Is Coraline Based On A True Story?

Coraline is not based on a true story. The movie is directed by Henry Selick. The story of the movie is taken from the Novel written by Neil Gaiman in 2002, which took inspiration from the Victorian tale named “The New Mother”. 

What Is The Story Behind The Coraline?

The movie story starts with an old lady who takes care of her newborn baby and her orphaned granddaughter. That lady was so fiercely protective of her granddaughter that she never let the girl play outside. 

Even the neighbors never saw the girl outside the house, which created suspicion in their minds. Keeping this in mind, some of the neighbor’s children decided to go to the old lady’s house at night to check on the girl. 

But, they find nothing else in that house except an old cradle. As soon, as the children go near the cradle, they see the burnt corpse of a child with buttons in its eyes. 

This leads to the conclusion that the girl was burnt to death in the fire, but her grandmother still takes care of her dead body. 

After that, the old lady was taken to the psychiatric hospital and it is said that her granddaughter’s soul was in some doll. 

This is the whole story of the movie “Coraline”. Full of horror and suspense, the movie got the highest ratings on different platforms and positive reviews from the viewers. 

Coraline Movie Overall Ratings


This is all that you need to know about the movie Coraline. Thank God!! The movie is not true, otherwise, the real fear of horror movies would have stuck in your mind. 

Even though the movie is not completely true, it needs to be noted, that it has some connection with the true incidents inspired by the “The New Mother” tale. Share your real thoughts about the Coraline. 

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