Is Clovehitch Killer Based On A True Story?

If you are wondering whether the story of a serial killer depicted in the film The Clovehitch Killer is based on a true story or not, here is your answer.

The Clovehitch Killer is a crime, thriller, and suspense film directed by Duncan Skiles. Christopher Ford penned the story. The movie is set and shot in Kentucky and takes inspiration from a real-life killer known as the BTK killer.

The plot and characters of the film The Clovehitch Killer are entirely fictional, but writer Christopher Ford took inspiration from a real serial killer. Make sure you read this guide thoroughly to learn more about the plot and inspiration for the film.

Is Clovehitch Killer Based On A True Story?

The movie Clovehitch Killer is an entirely fictional story written by Christopher Ford. It is somewhat inspired by true crime stories in general and a serial killer popularly known as BTK Killer. He killed almost 10 people, and most of them were women.

The protagonist of the film Don has also killed more than 10 people and after 10 years his son became suspicious of him. He began investigating his father and took the help of a friend Kassi. They collected evidence against them to prove him being the Clovehitch killer.

What Is The Plot Of The Film The Clovehitch Killer?

The killer in the film had killed 10 women and he went missing. The police could not find him even after 10 years. One day, Tyler found a bondage picture in his father’s truck and it was hard for him to believe that his father could be the killer and had done something wrong.

He started searching the place to collect some evidence. He also took the help of a friend and they followed him around. Don sent all his family members away and was alone at home. He captured his new victim. But this time Tyler came and saved the woman.

Tyler saved the woman, as she had not seen anything she could not contribute to the investigation. Tyler killed his father to bring justice to all the women whom he killed. One of the unknown women was Kassi’s mother.

What Happened At The End Of The Clovehitch Killer?

By the end of the film, Don has gone missing and the police are looking for him. After some time, his dead body was found and it was declared by the police that he had committed suicide. Everyone has gathered at a Church for his funeral.

Tyler is delivering a speech for his deceased father and the next scene reveals the truth of Don’s death. Tyler and Kassi dragged him to a forest while he was unconscious. When he woke up, Tyler shot him dead. The movie ends with Tyler ending his speech by saying Love you, Dad. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clovehitch Killer Available On Netflix?

Unfortunately, The Clovehitch Killer is currently unavailable on Netflix, but you can watch the movie on other streaming services like Hulu, Disney+, etc.

Who Is The Killer In The Clovehitch Killer?

Donald Burnside or Don is the killer in the film, he murdered 10 women and later it was revealed that he killed 3 more women whose identities are unknown.


The Covehitch Killer narrates the fictional story of a serial killer who is now living a normal life. But his whole life turned upside down when his son learned about his crimes. The writer took inspiration from a real-life serial killer Dennis Rader also called BTK killer, who is known for torturing his victims before killing them.

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