Is Carole Ann Boone Alive?

Carole Ann Boone is popularly known as the wife of a psychopath and serial killer, Ted Bundy. If you are also curious to know where she is or if she is alive or not, read this article.

Ted Bundy is a serial killer who has abducted, killed, and raped many women between 1974 to 1978. He was given three death sentences and died in 1989. He married his girlfriend Carole Ann in the courtroom and divorced four years later.

Carole Ann Boone decided to divorce her husband three years before he was executed in an electric chair. To learn more about Ted Bundy’s wife and her whereabouts, you must continue reading this article.

Who Is Carole Ann Boone?

Not everyone is acquainted with his name because Carole is known to everyone as Ted Bundy’s wife. He portrayed himself as a very shy and introverted kind of person and Carole was impressed by his charm and kindness.

She helped him a lot during his time in prison, it is reported that she used to bring drugs and money for him. He tried to escape from prison several times with the help of her, but he lost his life in 1989, as he was given three death sentences.

How Did Ted Bundy And Carole Ann Boone Get Married?

Carole never believed that Ted Bundy had committed any crime because she was in love with him and was unaware of what kind of a monster he was. Their relationship grew very stronger over time and she used to meet him in jail.

Although physical contact between prisoners and visitors was not allowed, still she got pregnant with his child when he was in jail. He proposed to her in a courtroom in front of judges and she said yes. He already knew that if a marriage vow was taken in the presence of a judge it is considered official.

Is Carole Ann Boone Alive?

Three years before the death of Ted Bunny, his wife Carole Ann Boone decided to part ways and give him a divorce. After their divorce, she did not meet him and moved away with his children, Rosa and James. 

To keep his children away from the media and reporters, she changed her name and lived a private life. There are speculations that she remarried. In 2018, she died in a retirement house at the age of 70 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Children Did Carole Ann Boone Have?

Carole had a son named James Boone from her first husband and a daughter Rosa Bundy from his second husband Ted Bundy.

Where Is Rose Bundy Now?

There is no information about where Ted Bundy’s daughter Rose Bundy is now as her mother had changed her name after she got divorced.


Ted Bundy, an infamous serial killer became the subject of many movies and documentaries. People are often concerned about her wife Carole Ann Bone, but unfortunately, she died at the age of 70 in a retirement house in Washington.

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