Is Anatomy Of A Fall Based On A True Story?

The writer and director of the movie Anatomy Of A Fall have managed to make a movie that seems so realistic that many people are confused about whether it is based on a true story or just a word of fiction.

Anatomy Of A Fall is a French 2023 courtroom drama, thriller, and murder mystery movie that is directed by Justine Triet. It revolves around a married couple’s relationship and the death of the husband, for which his wife is accused.

The story of the movie Anatomy of a Fall does seem to be related to a real murder investigation but it is not based on a true story. To get more details on this movie, you must stick to this article till the end.

Is Anatomy Of A Fall Based On A True Story?

The depiction of the murder mystery and the outstanding performance by the actors in the movie Anatomy of a Fall make it look very realistic. But the truth is it is not based on any real crimes or a true story.

The writers of the story Justine Triet and Arthur Harari shared in an interview that they were inspired by the real crimes and investigation stories. But they wanted to create a movie that had a different ending rather than having the same conclusion.

What Is The Plot Of The Movie Anatomy Of A Fall?

The plot of the movie The Anatomy of a Fall revolves around the murder mystery of Samuel. It centers around the relationship of the married couple Samuel and Sandra, who are not happy in their marriage and keep fighting.

When Samuel died, his wife Sandra was accused of his murder. Sandra said that he fell accidentally as he used to take anti-depression pills and would overdose. Sandra had to attend a lot of trials and in the end, she was proven guilty because of their blind son Daniel’s testimony.

What Happened At The End Of The Movie Anatomy Of A Fall?

By the end of the movie, Daniel decides to bring the truth in front of everyone and save his mother. He told Marge that when Samuel overdosed, his dog Snoop also fell sick as he might have consumed Samuel’s vomit. He was not sure about whether her mother was guilty or not but he decided to save her.

It was because of his testimony that Sandra was proven guilty of the charge of his husband’s death. And it was confirmed that his husband Samuel overdosed and fell down accidentally. She came back home with Daniel and she slept at night with their dog Snoop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Daniel Go Blind In Anatomy Of A Fall?

In the movie Anatomy of a Fall, Daniel became visually paired after he met with a motorcycle accident.

Is The Wife Guilty In Anatomy Of The Fall?

In the courtroom, Sandra was proven innocent but in reality, the mystery was not solved and remained suspicious.


In this article, we have discussed the French movie Anatomy of a Fall. The movie has received an enormous amount of love and appreciation from the viewers. It is a fictional story that has received Best Screenplay awards.

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