Where Is Henk Rogers Wife Now? Are They Still Together?

Real life stories are always interesting. A similar movie based on a true story, Tetris, presents the story of Henk Rogers and his wife. 

Henk Roger is a well-known game developer and designer. Well known for his first Japanese role playing game, The Black Onyx, Henk Roger remained in the limelight.

Unlike Henk Roger, his wife maintains a very low profile and does not have any social media accounts. For all those wondering who is Henk Rogers wife and what she does, we got you covered.

What Is The Film Tetris All About?

The recent autobiographical film Tetris is a true story about Henk Roger and his battle to win ownership of Tetris. He is the founder of a company named Tetris and earns almost $1.5 million every year from it.

In addition to the struggle story of Henk Roger, the film also depicts the story of his wife and how she grew to be Henk’s greatest supporter. It was difficult for her to handle independently while her husband was far from home, his wife Akemi managed everything well.

Who Is Henk Roger’s Wife?

Henk Roger’s wife is Akemi Roger, who is from Japan. They met for the first time at the University of Hawaii while they were studying. After she completed college, she returned to Japan, and Henk also shifted to Japan with her.

They got married in 1977 in Japan. Akemi always supported her husband through thick and thin. He used to stay away from home for work, and she cared for the family. 

Where Is Henk Roger’s Wife Now?

There are speculations that the couple might have divorced as they don’t appear in the media together. However, the truth is Roger’s wife, Akemi Roger, doesn’t like to be in the limelight, and that’s why she makes rare appearances in the media.

The couple has been married for 46 years and lives happily with their children near Hawaii Island. Akemi has founded a non-profit organization, “Henk & Akemi Rogers Ohana Foundation,” to serve the needy.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Net Worth Of Henk Roger’s?

As of 2023, the estimated net worth of Henk Roger is $22 million.

What Does Henk Roger’s Daughter Maya Do?

Roger’s daughter Maya is a businessman, who is also the CEO of The Tetris company.


In this article, we have provided information about Henk Roger’s wife, Akemi Roger. She has always maintained a low profile and supported her husband throughout his journey. She has no social media account, and little is known about her private life.

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