Where Is Emanuela Pecchia Now?

The Netflix Docuseries “Bad Surgeon” tells the true crime story and ill practice of a reputed surgeon, Paolo Macchiarini. It raises concerns regarding where is his wife Emanuela Pecchia now.

Bad Surgeon is a true crime Documentary on Netflix that is based on the true crime story and investigation of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. It is the story of a reputed celebrity surgeon whose surgeries went wrong changed his life and put him behind bars.

According to recent reports, Emanuela Pecchia has separated from his husband and keeps a low profile. In this article, we will be discussing more about Emanuela Pecchia, her relationship with her husband, and her current whereabouts, so make sure to read till the end.

What Did Dr. Paolo Macchiarini Do?

After a successful career in regenerative medicine, the famous surgeon Dr. Paolo Macchiarini experienced negative publicity. He has performed trachea implant surgery on three of his patients who died while recovering.

In court, he was proven guilty and charged with unlawful human experimentation. He already knew that the surgery would not be successful but he still performed it which took the precious lives of some innocent people. This incident turned him from a celebrity and a famous public figure to a criminal within no time.

Where Is Emanuela Pecchia Now?

There is not much information provided on the internet about Emanuela Pecchia. The identity of her family members is also kept private. She got attention from the media because of what his husband, Dr. Paolo did and after the release of the Netflix series Bad Surgeon. She often tells about how his husband has been fooling everyone with his sweet talks.

Knowing the real truth about her husband and the fact that he cheated on her made her cut ties with him completely. She has always maintained a very low profile and does not share any information about her personal life. Her current whereabouts remain unknown. It is speculated that she had left her husband and now lives a private life with her two kids. 

Where Is Dr. Paolo Macchiarini Now?

Paolo Macchiarini got into a relationship with a reporter named Alexander. When she learned about him being already married to Emanuela Pecchia, she informed the Karolinska Institute about his ill practices. Further investigation led to his tragic downfall.

Dr. Paolo Macchiarini was given a 30-month sentence in prison for the unlawful human experiments that caused the death of multiple patients. Currently, Dr. Paolo Macchiarini is serving his sentence in Swedish prison.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Emanuela Pecchia’s Daughter?

Emanuela Pecchia and Paolo Macchiarini have two kids, a daughter and a son but their names and whereabouts are unknown.

What Is Emanuela Pecchia’s Age?

The exact date of birth of Emanuela Pecchia is unknown but as of 2024, her age is approximately 40 years.


Emanuela Pecchia rose to fame after she got married to the well-recognized surgeon Dr.Paolo Macchiarini. However, when the allegations against the doctor proved right and he got convicted, his wife Emanuela Pecchia left him and she is living a low life with her kids.

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